Our Village


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Matança is picturesquely situated in the valley of the Rio Carapito, a tributary of the Rio Dao, the namesake of our wine region, nestled in a very green hilly landscape, which is predestined for all kinds of excursions. The village is typical of a traditional life in the center of Portugal. The people live from sheep farming and cheese making, olive and vine cultivation and agriculture in general. Ox and donkey carts are still common. The simplicity and friendliness of its people invite you to linger around the village itself. Many testiments to the Roman colonization remain standing here in the village, like our two Roman bridges, our Roman fountains, roads, paths and pavements. Outside the village are testiments to the Celtic legacy that has been left behind from thousands of years ago.


Hay bales with Roman bridge


Roman fountain


Dolmen of Matanca


Prehistoric tombs in the granite rock.


Fraga da Pena

So there is plenty to explore, and you can easily get infected by the mysticism of some places. The area offers space and freedom for all kinds of activities, including hiking, biking, motocross without limits, and our tennis court is available for free. Our clear rivers and streams without industrial effluents are ideal for fishing and swimming.


Swimming hole near the village


Water mill